Frozen Yogurt Strawberries

by Susan on March 17, 2012

I have mentioned my love of Pinterest; posting crafts and clever kids’ snacks from across the web makes me feel instantly artistic and clever! I’ve been dying to try out a quite popular pin originally published in Glamour magazine: Frozen Yogurt Strawberries.

This week at Whole Foods there were gorgeous, ginormous strawberries on special, so it seemed a good time to finally attempt the treat. I actually had some very cute photos of today’s project to share, but lost them in the process of backing up, upgrading and switching iPhones… my results were not quite as flawless, so I guess it’s okay to do without.

I halved the berries, but based on their hugeness should probably have cut them into quarters. The boy got chilly fingers trying to eat his snack, as each berry was more than a mouthful!

I used plain Greek yogurt sweetened with a little stevia for coating, but next time would likely use a presweetened vanilla variety. I think using Greek yogurt is key, as the yogurt needs to be thick in order to give a nice, thick coating to the fruit.

As spring and summer approacg, I look forward to trying this out with blueberries. I think they’d be the perfect size!


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