Sheet Pan Apple Crisp

September 22, 2017

  I have made my share of fruit crisps and crumbles, and often don’t use a very traditional approach. I usually make grain-free/paleo versions of the treat, and have tried making it in both the crock pot and on the stove top. A lot of my grain-free dessert recipes rely on nuts, and I want […]

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BLT Salad

September 21, 2017

  This recipe right here is the perfect example of how a mainstream recipe can be made allergy-friendly yet still be insanely delicious. Sunny Anderson turned the classic BLT sandwich into a salad, and I went one step further and adapted the dish to be both gluten and dairy-free. My husband loved this one so […]

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Roasted Banana & Nut Butter Smoothie

September 20, 2017

When you think of a smoothie you probably think of dumping a bunch of stuff in a blender and whirring it up. This one requires a little advanced prep, but I promise it’s worth it! I was inspired to create this due to a ¬†huge surfeit of overly ripe bananas that were threatening to attract […]

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Chicken Enchilada Roll-Ups

September 19, 2017

I love healthier takes on standard, family-friendly recipes, particularly when they ditch the gluten, grains and empty carbs. This recipe adapted from Gina at Skinnytaste includes all the classic flavors of baked chicken enchiladas, but rolls the chicken itself as opposed to rolling corn tortillas around it. Since not everyone likes cilantro and avocado in […]

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Slighty Sweet & Spicy Snack Mix

September 15, 2017

I adore alliterations. Yes, the double “a” was purposeful. If I can name a recipe in an alliterative way, I can’t resist the urge. And I most certainly needed to rename this one, which I adapted from a Cooking Light recipe called “spicy, barely sweet supercrunch granola.” Supercrunch is most certainly not a real word, […]

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Almond & Flax-Crusted Fish

September 14, 2017

I don’t post fish recipes too frequently, and I freely admit that’s because I don’t prepare it as often as I should for my family. While my husband and I love seafood, every time I serve it to my children I’m met with moans, groans, eye rolls and complaints. Sometimes I’m just not in the […]

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Crispy Potatoes with Bacon, Garlic & Parsley

September 11, 2017

I usually roast potatoes in the oven, but after trying out this Food Network recipe I might be sold on making them on the stovetop. These got so crispy and were loaded with flavor thanks to the garlic and bacon. My husband and kids couldn’t get enough of them, and they were the perfect accompaniment […]

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Coconut Flour Chocolate Cake

September 10, 2017

Truth be told, I’m a vanilla gal. Since childhood I’ve never been one to choose chocolate cake, despite the fact that I do utterly adore good quality chocolate. To me the chocolate in cake form often translates to a bite that’s just a bit too dense and rich for me. In working on my cookbook, […]

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Gluten-Free Cashew Chicken

September 8, 2017

  One of my most popular (and our personal family favorite) recipes here on the site is for crock pot cashew chicken. It’s easy to throw together, but ironically I didn’t have time to make it today. No time for a crock pot recipe… does that even make sense? The thing is, preparing crock pot […]

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Instant Pot Paleo Chili

September 6, 2017

I bought the ingredients for chili the other day when fall-like weather hit CT, thinking it would be the perfect family weeknight dinner. It wound up being almost 80 degrees and a little muggy here today, but thanks to my Instant Pot I didn’t have to slave over a hot stove or steam up the […]

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