Pantry Pick Up: GoGoSqueez Applesauce

by Susan on August 17, 2011

Do you and your kids have code names or nicknames for things that outsiders wouldn’t understand? I don’t necessarily mean the “unmentionables” of body parts and bathroom functions, but rather silly and random associations that have stuck to the point that they become an integral part of your family’s vocabulary.

Perhaps we spend a little too much time in the kitchen, but the bulk of my kids’ pet names refer to food items. They enjoy, for example, their “fizzy drinks” (Emergen-C, which oddly enough does not really fizz that much…) and “mud cookies” (my vegan carob cookies that do, in fact, resemble sludge).

A favorite go-to snack that I always try to have on hand are “squeezy applesauces,” more properly known as GoGo Squeez Applesauce on the Go. Curiously enough, if you type “squeezy applesauce” into the search box on Amazon you find your way to the product. I think that’s an unofficial endorsement for our much more memorable pseudonym.

But seriously, this is pretty good stuff. I think the boy and girl get such a kick out of them because I generally outlaw “squeezy” products. The yogurts and such available in such a form are not necessarily the healthiest of options. I have been told on countless occasions by the boy that all of his friends bring GoGurt in their school lunches. I’ve tried to compromise by occasionally buying Stonyfield Farms’ Yo Squeeze tubes (which, incidentally, make a great treat when kept in the freezer)… let’s face it though, my kids’ lunches will never be the most fun!

Fun factor aside, though, the applesauce pouches are a good thing to have on hand. They come in original, cinnamon and various fruit flavors (peach, strawberry and banana). None of the varieties have anything added but the fruit itself and fruit juice concentrate. At only 60 calories they’re obviously not fuel to keep your kids full for hours, but they’re an easy way to have sweetness and fruit on hand as part of a snack or lunch.

I’ve become almost famous amongst my children’s friends for my eternal applesauce stash. They expect for me to have them in my kitchen, not to mention on the various outings we all take to the park, pool and such. By now almost every one of my kids’ close friends have eaten these, and the only ones they didn’t fly with are the two that are simply not fans of applesauce.

I will confess that *I* have even downed a couple of them, when I needed a little boost rather than take a morning run on an empty stomach. I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of applesauce on its own either, but they certainly served their purpose.

Amazon appropriately has these babies as part of their back-to-school specials this month. The current 25% off deal brings each applesauce down to about 58 cents a pouch. While Amazon clearly has the cheapest price for them, I also highly recommend visiting the GoGo Squeez website, where you can sign up for their newsletter.

On that subject, I’d like to throw out a tip I have for smart saving and shopping online. Create a free email account through Hotmail, Gmail or another such mail service. Use that account to subscribe to any and every website’s newsletter, so that you don’t clutter up your “real” email with newsletters and offers. A lot of companies also have Facebook pages, which can help you keep up on new product releases and deals too.

In closing, I want to promise applesauce-based muffins later this week. I feel a little guilty when I make a post without a recipe! I can’t say I use squeezable sauce for them, but sharing the recipe will give me the chance to babble a little more about the merits of having unsweetened applesauce in your pantry.

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