Valentine’s Raspberry Streusel Bars

by Susan on February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day! I’m going to keep this brief, as two out of the three members of this household have been bitten by a bug. NOT a love bug, I might add. Thankfully I prepped this morning’s Valentine’s breakfast last night (when I wasn’t feverish), and both the girl and I were able to appreciate how utterly delicious it turned out! I’m confident that once the boy gets back to eating he will agree 😉

Particularly when February 14 falls on a school day I try to do a themed breakfast for the kids. Last year I learned that, even equipped with a “pancake pen,” I am hopeless at making heart-shaped pancakes. This time around I decided to whip up a dessert-worthy treat, thanks to a recipe from my allergy-free baking idol: Brittany from Real Sustenance. Remember my recent post on Crack Brownies? Well, her Raspberry Streusel Bars are just as drool-worthy.

I’m glad I made the bars the night before, as they do come together in three separate steps (and requires a noisy food processor!). I used coconut oil for each element, palm sugar for the crust and stevia for the fruit filling. I did spring for fresh raspberries at Trader Joes, but I can see this recipe working fine with frozen fruit (or other berries, for that matter).

I love how this...

... became THIS! yum.

The parchment paper is crucial to remove the bars from the pan, and I did find that freezing helped to firm them up. I had a slightly longer pan than the 6×6 Brittany called for, so my bars wound up a bit thinner than the one on her site, but still pretty enough and baked with lots of love!

The boy and I also made heart-shaped brownies yesterday, as what’s Valentine’s Day without a little chocolate? (Recipe to follow tomorrow if my head would just stop pounding…)

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